Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long before I need a car do I need to make a reservation?
We ask that reservations for cars be made 24-48 hours prior to pick up so we have adequate time to get the car ready for you.

2. How am I charged?
You will be charged hourly for each car. However, cars are quoted as a flat rate (e.g. out of town trips, airports, are quoted as flat rate-all inclusive)

3. Do I get to pick my car?
It usually depends on which car is available. However, we do try to give repeat clients the same car.

4. Is there a max or min amount of time I can rent your services?
The minimum amount of time you can rent is two hours, and there is no maximum. The only exception is an airport trip.

5. How do you prefer to be contacted?
The best way to contact us is by phone or through our website.

6. Where can I be picked up and dropped off?
We can pick you up and drop you off wherever you need.

7. Do you allow food or drink in the vehicles?
While it is not encouraged, we do allow food and drink inside the vehicles.

8. How do you accept payment?
We  accept all major credit cards.

9. What do I get for what I’m paying?
In your package, we include: a private vehicle, a professional driver, baggage handling, and guaranteed promptness.

10. Is smoking allowed inside the vehicle?
We do not allow tobacco products in our vehicles, including smokeless cigarettes and e-cigs.

11. Are pets allowed?
If you must bring your pet with you in the car, it will need to be in a carrier, though it is not encouraged.