Credit Card Authorization 

By providing your credit card information, you agree to allow Tornado Transit LLC to process charges for ground transportation-related services.  

Pricing and Fees 

The quoted price is the minimum amount that will be charged to the credit card on file. Any pricing or fees stated herein or in any other communication from Tornado Transit will apply. Fees may include tolls, parking fees and other costs effecting the execution of the ground transportation requested. A fuel surcharge may be applied to shuttle services and services performed outside the Greater Wichita Area. Prices are subject to change. All dollar amounts noted are USD. 

Cancellations of Confirmed Reservations

If a reservation has already been confirmed with payment information, the minimum cancellation fee will be $35.00 or 25% of the quoted price, whichever is higher. Half of the quoted price will be charged for cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled pick-up time. The full amount of the quoted price will be charged for cancellations within two hours of the scheduled pick-up time. 


If the client does not appear at the pre-arranged pick-up location after 15 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time, the trip will be considered a “no-show”. The driver will leave and a fee equal to the base fare, wait time, and 20% driver gratuity will be charged. If the client does not see the chauffeur at the pre-arranged pick-up location by the scheduled pick-up time, the client should call Tornado Transit immediately at 316-650-5080 or 316-347-4555 to avoid being charged the “no-show” fee. 

Airport Wait Time 

After the driver has made contact with the client, a complimentary 20 minutes of wait time (30 minutes for larger groups) will be allowed for normal flight arrival and baggage claim activities. Thereafter, a fee of $1 per minute will be charged until all passengers, and their luggage, have entered the vehicle.  

  • Exception:  Fees will not be charged if waiting is caused by flight delays due to maintenance, weather, or other circumstances outside the client’s control.

 Non-Airport Wait Time 

Each trip is granted a complimentary 10 minutes of wait time past the scheduled pick up time. Afterwards, a fee of $1 per minute of additional wait time will be charged. 

Unscheduled Stops 

Unscheduled stops are charged a minimum $15 per stop and include a maximum 10 minute wait period at the stop. For any additional wait time per stop, an additional fee of $1 per minute will be charged.

Off-peak Hours

There is an additional fee for transportation between 11PM-6AM (CST). 

Same-day Schedule Changes 

If a client makes time schedule changes to a confirmed reservation on the day services are to take place, a $30 fee will be charged.

Excess Cleaning and Damage

If, during or after transportation service, Tornado Transit is required to expend an extended amount of time and/or material to clean the vehicle due to acts of the client or guests of the client (i.e. food or drink spills, vomiting, prohibited smoking, excessive trash, etc.), the company, at its discretion, will charge client additional fees to cover such expense. The minimum clean up fee for a van is $200. The minimum clean up fee for a sedan or SUV is $250. Damage to any Tornado Transit vehicle in any way caused by actions of the client or guests of the client will be charged in full to the client. 

Policies Scheduling Conflicts 

Tornado Transit reserves the right to change the vehicle or type of service requested should unforeseen and unplanned conditions cause extreme difficulty for Tornado Transit to service other scheduled clients. (e.g. client flight delays) Special Events & Peak Demand Periods Special events and peak demand periods (locally and in other markets) may dictate premium pricing, higher hourly minimums and, in some cases, multi-day minimums and additional notice for changes and cancellations. Vehicles are generally in limited supply during these times and supplemental vehicles may be required to accommodate demand. 

Baggage and Other Property Transported 

Tornado Transit does not assume responsibility for any property left in the company’s vehicles. However, as a courtesy, we will try to secure, retrieve, and return any belongings left in the vehicle. Please thoroughly check prior to exiting the vehicle for all personal belongings.  Clients may leave their belongings in Tornado Transit vehicles if their reservation includes instructions for the chauffeur to wait on-site. 

Smoking Policy Smoking

Any use of any tobacco products or devices is strictly prohibited in all vehicles. Violation of this policy by the client or guests of the client will result in an automatic minimum $250 charge. Any damage caused due to the violation of this policy will also be charged to the client. 

Animal Policy 

All transported animals must be in a kennel or a similar unit that completely contains the animal. A $10-25 fee will be charged for animal transport depending on the type and size of the animal. All excess cleaning and damage fees apply. 

Passenger Conduct

Tornado Transit reserves the right to refuse transportation to persons that are objectionable or belligerent to other persons, excessively ill or intoxicated, under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs, in possession of firearms or dangerous substances of any kind, or if the driver feels threatened in any way. Under no circumstances are minors allowed to consume or possess alcohol or illegal substances at any time while in a Tornado Transit vehicle. The client or guests of the client shall not interfere with the driver in the discharge of his/her duty or tamper with any apparatus, appliance, or markings on the vehicle. In such or similar instances, services will be terminated immediately and no refunds will be offered.